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Torsion and extension garage door springs on their trucks at all times

The garage door tips that you need to follow. Scroll down for more information.

Finding a garage door replacement

If you have an old garage door that has gone completely out of order, be sure to take precise measurements of it once you head to the market to buy a new one. This is because finding an exactly similar door will be very difficult, due to the fact that it’s very old.

Checking a garage door – bumps in tracks

If the mechanism seems to ‘bump’ at places, the first place to check is the track. The tracks need to be checked for bumps or dents and the oddity should be hammered out with the help of a rubber pound. For a more thorough inspection, contact one of our experts in Harrison.

Install the opener switch board high

You must keep the equipment of your garage door out of the reach of kids in order to protect them from accidents. The experts of our garage door company in Harrison suggest installing the wall switches high at the wall and hiding the remote controls.

Use your senses

You do not have to be an expert to know if there is something wrong with your garage door. All you have to do is to use your senses. For example, old springs start to make noise as they begin to lose their flexibility over time. When paint starts to flake off, rust can build up on the metal, exposing the door to damage.

Carriage garage door maintenance

To maintain its beauty, get it repainted once you see if paint is chipping off. If it is an automatic door, regularly check its reversing system. Use a lubricant on different parts like hinges, levers, and springs to avoid noise. Clean the door and the tracks to prevent malfunction.

Have a little patience

The garage door takes a little time to fully open after you push the button on the remote. If you're late going somewhere, you should not try and time your driving out of the garage with the door's opening. This goes the same for when you're coming in to park. Your timing may be a little off or if you're really unlucky, the door could stop or get stuck and you'll end up damaging both your garage door and your car.


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