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How do I fix scratches on my garage door?

Minor scratches do not do much to the garage door, but it can ruin your door’s aesthetic design. Our experts from Garage Door Repair Harrison recommend using touch-up paint to hide the scratches and make your door look great again.

Do I have to reinforce my garage door before installing my new garage door opener?

Reinforcing your garage door before installing a new opener is necessary, as neglecting to do so can cause damage to the door and void the opener’s warranty.

Why are there different track lengths?

The lengths of vertical and horizontal garage door tracks will depend on the garage door system and the size of the door. For example, high-lift systems would need longer vertical tracks. If the overhead door of your house is very large, you will need more space in the ceiling and longer than average horizontal tracks.

How do I keep my all glass garage door from getting damaged?

A good way to maintaining your all glass garage door is to treat it the same way you would treat your windows. If you have an overactive pet that might charge into the glass door, make sure to keep them as far away from it as possible.

What manufacturers should I trust?

The biggest ones! Manufacturers like Clopay, Amarr or Stanley have a long tradition in the production of garage doors and parts. The same goes for Liftmaster, Genie, Sears, and Craftsman for garage door openers. With such good brands, you can be sure of quality products and warranties. Plus, accessories will be compatible and parts of the right size.

How often must I check the opener?

It's best to check the garage door opener and its parts often. Make sure the wires are okay and well connected to the terminals at the unit. Make sure the backup battery is charging well and the sensors work perfectly. Once every few months will suffice but it's wise to check the safety features more often.

How important are garage door safety features?

The garage door is a surprisingly heavy object that is capable of inflicting serious harm when misused. Therefore, you should never underestimate the importance of purchasing a door that has impressive built in safety features. The reverse motion safety feature in particular is the one that you should be looking for when buying a garage door.


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