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Genie Opener Repair

Garage Door Repair HarissonGenie manufactures residential and commercial openers as well as their accessories. Openers would need repairs when they cause problems to the movement of the garage door or some of their parts malfunction or are totally worn. Since there is a variety of products and each opener has special features, repair services follow the needs of the specific opener and of the specific problem. In case some of the opener's parts are responsible for the door not closing or opening well and similar issues, they must be fixed.


We Offer Garage Door Opener Repair Services

In certain occasions, fixing the opener parts is not enough. In some cases, they are broken or totally damaged and they must be replaced. Their replacement is also included in the Genie opener repair services. The maintenance of the entire electric opener system is also one way of repairing the Genie opener. Such process ensures that each part works properly, it's tightened, the chain lubricated and possible problems are fixed. Opener maintenance usually takes place for the treatment of parts so that problems can be avoided whereas actual repairs are usually needed when problems have already emerged.

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