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Main Safety Tips for Garage Owners

11/29/2014 Back To Blog

Although no problem related to garage doors is completely innocent, some will increase the risk of injuries. Today, garage systems integrate safety features but this is not enough if you consider that accidents can happen for various reasons. Accidents don't happen only when doors fall. We just all tend to talk about this tiny possibility because if it happens, it might lead to a tragedy.

How many times have you read that garage door maintenance can prevent accidents? It's true. When components are checked and properly repaired, the possibility of accidents is close to zero. The problem is that we always see the big picture and fail to see that small injuries might have terrible repercussions as well. If your child gets his fingers caught in the overhead door joints, they might be amputated.

8 ways to avoid accidents

Main Safety Tips for Garage OwnersIt's vital to remember that garage doors are mechanisms. Something might go wrong with them any time. Who signed a contract that garage door parts won't ever get damaged? Apart from their natural wear, they can be damaged from a car or a strong wind. Also, keep in mind that many accidents occur because people insist on doing garage door repairs by themselves without having knowledge. They also disregard problems or let the children play under the door knowing that the last time they repaired garage door springs was two years ago.

So, take precautions: 

  •  Make sure parts are repaired the minute they wear
  •  Be extra careful with the springs. They need checking and lubrication maintenance often
  •  Also make sure the door is balanced. Springs cannot be too tensed or loose but properly adjusted
  •  Don't ever stand under the open door
  •  Don't use the emergency release cord when the door is open and especially if someone is standing nearby
  •  Check that the reverse mechanism works
  •  Make sure the wall button of the garage door opener is installed at the highest possible point so that kids won't reach it
  •  Don't let children play with the clicker

These are simple solutions. You just have to use common sense when you take precautions and remember that anything wrong with the garage door will reflect on you.

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